A collection of Minecraft maps I've created.
Reef Race
Parkour through a vast ocean teeming with life, with friends, or on your own!
Collect resources, kill light spirits and light candles in order to escape! Staying too long in the dark will make your insanity rise!
Horse Riders
Hop on a horse and race through a panoramic medieval city! Beat your friends and family and remind them every day that you're the best horse rider of all.
Send people flying whilst collecting shards or coloring the floor! Lines is a fun small collection of minigames.
Biome Run 3
Biome Run 3 is a biome themed parkour/race map with 8 different levels and various secrets to find. Race against your friends or try to get the fastest time you can in Freeplay!
Bee Riders
Race against your friends to reach the end all while riding a bee! Hit boosters and collect powerups to gain advantage over others!
Honey Missile Wars
Try to blow up the opposing team's portal. Launch missiles towards the enemy walls and ride them to infiltrate their defenses!
Pillar Ninjas
Jump from pillar to pillar in this parkour skill-based tag minigame. Depending on the gamemode you choose to play, try to hold the tag for as long as possible or throw/shoot it to your friend!
Turf Wars
Build fortresses to defend your turf as you try to steal it from your opponents. Chose from strategic kits to lead your team to victory! Whoever has the most land wins. This map was released on Yeggs.
Biome Run 2
Try and complete all the eight branches in this biome-themed parkour map! Challenge your friends or practice alone to master the jumps. For every completed section you'll unlock a cosmetic!